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3d Ultrasound

We are happy to offer 3D ultrasounds for our pregnant patients. This medical imaging technique gives us a more detailed view when assessing unborn babies. Our 3D ultrasound imaging produces high-quality images in a timely manner and offers a safe way for moms to see their babies in a more detailed way.

What is a 3D Ultrasound?

3D ultrasounds offer a more detailed image of babies still in the womb. This type of medical imaging is usually indicated in situations when complications exist, and we need to get a closer look. However, 3D ultrasounds are sometimes also used to see detailed images of your unborn baby.

Does insurance cover 3D ultrasounds?

If a 3D ultrasound is medically necessary, your insurance may cover it. If you’re only getting a 3D Ultrasound over a regular one to see higher-quality images of your baby, then there is a good chance that your insurance will not cover it. Check with your insurance provider to see if a 3D ultrasound is covered under your benefits.

Are there risks to 3D ultrasounds?

Ultrasounds are a standard of prenatal care and are considered to be perfectly safe for both the mother and baby. However, they do carry with them some minor risks. Because ultrasounds produce heat and radiation, it is important only to have them done when necessary. Always follow your provider’s guidance when agreeing to ultrasound and only go to a credentialed institution to have one performed.
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